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What We're Doing


And making mistakes. But doing it quickly and precisely. To draw the best lessons.
We are a startup.


Solutions for everyman' problems. Because the only way to learn is through experience.
App: GetDressed

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Agnieszka Pałka / agaolapalka@gmail.com
Daniel Mika / daniel.ryszard.mika@gmail.com
Marcel Spisak / marcel.jacek.spisak@gmail.com

Our Team

You really want to make business and projects with him. Keen on AI, economy, law, networking and mathematics. Python programmer, physics passionate. Biggest dream: studying at MIT.


Looks like a hacker, doesn't he? Our master of code in the GitLab meaning. Understands computers at every level. C++, Kotlin and Python programmer. Purify code and fight the chaos. OpenSource lover. Devops. His future is mystery.


She started creating first 3D projects when she was 10. She keeps learning drawing and digital graphic. Critical but creative way of thinking let her refines all details. Huge fan of games in both directions: creating and gaming. She'll work in this field in the future.


Thinks very fast. Analytical mind combined with creativity results in amazing solutions whether it comes to code, sell or team management. Whatever you need her for, she can manage. AI, data analytics, programming. PR, marketing, talks and so on. Dreams big, loves photography and neuroscience.

Charismatic extrovert, who is responsible of establishing and maintaining contacts. Great in presenting and networking. Our sellesmen. Wants to combine technology with business. He speaks English and Spanish.


A troublemaker. Positively of course. On the road to specialize in deep learning (AI). Codes in Python and C#. Quick learner, dreams about travelling the world while freelancing. In the free time he does parkour.

The team keeper you would say. App Developer, codes in Kotlin and Swift. Great in project management and trending technologies. Charismatic personality let him connect people. Interested in film making.

She may look like an artist, but is dangerous at the same time. Java and Kotlin programmer, UI&UX designer. If there's work to do, she will always do it quickly and professionally. Military future planned.


Algorithmician, programmer, and a huge fun of abstract thinking. Especially of multidimensionality. Fell in love with Artificial Intelligence a year ago and now keep learning it and using in projects. Unusal mind that create great solutions. He codes in Python and C++. The coding artist.